Oh So Emerald

When to Go?

The best time to visit Sardinia

For sun seekers, from May to June and September to October is the best time to visit the emerald coast. Anytime from June to early July is good too but in August the island is packed with mostly local and Italian holiday seekers.

If you are more of experience lover, there are many festivals and cultural events that happen on the island throughout the year from wild horseback riding events to a carnival with colourful traditional costumes and numerous foodie events, the choice is endless.

Carnival, February 12–14

The first major festival of the year is celebrated throughout the island. 3 days event ending on Shrove Tuesday with music, dancing, fancy dress and typical local food and sweets. A traditional Carnival is celebrated in Barbagia region, in Mamoiada near Nuoro. There is a procession of eerie mask and cowbell wearing Mamuthones in sheepskin costume and mask wearing lasso-wielding Issohadores in colourful costumes. In Alghero, Sa Sartiglia festival is held on the end of February for 2 days where a highly theatrical medieval joust is re-enacted by horseman wearing a mask of a mysterious God.

The Sea Urchin Festival, Feb – March

The Sea Urchin Festival (Sagra del Bogamarì) in Alghero, a culinary festival dedicated to sea urchin (bogamarì) held from Feb to early April when its climate condition ensures the best flavours. You can taste all the bogamarì delicacies here, eat’em fresh or order the classic spaghetti bogamarì and why not get adventurous and try something with a modern twist; the choice is endless when you in the “Town Of The Sea Urchin”.

GiroTonno Festival, Beginning of June

In the southwest coast of Sardinia, in the picturesque fishing town of Carloforte located on San Pietro island, the ancient culture of annual tuna catch is celebrated at the international culinary festival Giro Tonno for four days in June every year. From the international culinary competition, tastings, live cooking to music stages; there are many ways you can enjoy Giro Tonno. Have a meal at the king of local cuisines, La Cantina and Tonno di Corsa where they really know how to cook their tuna.

The Chestnut Festival (Sagra delle Castagne), Last Sunday of October

In the heart of Barbagia, mountain town of Aritzo is famous for the production of chestnuts and walnuts and every year, chestnut harvest festival is held on the last weekend of October. There are stalls selling everything from roasted chestnuts to walnut cakes and chances to get to know the typical folk songs, dances and costumes. Don’t forget to taste “carapigna”, the famous local lemon sorbet made in the traditional way, so tasty so it has its own festival in August too. Yum.