Souk Shopping

Get lost in the world of Moroccan Craftsmanship

Where it’s your first time or not, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff and people in sight. Brace yourself and get in the souk action and soon you will enjoy your adventure. If you have sometime in Marrakech, It’s a good idea to visit the souk a few times and shop by areas rather than being swamped by the whole. You are bound to get lost here, just follow the colours and go where your eye takes you as this is the fun of Marrakech souk.

Souk Semmarine is the main branch that connects all the different souks. It begins with pottery and pâtisserie and move onto fabrics and many other goods, from this broad alley you will find many possible routes to your adventure.

Once you find what you want, start haggling politely with a smile, accept the mint tea they offer you, take your time and enjoy the process. There’s no correct prices here, if want something and happy with the price, then you have paid the right amount.

Souk is generally open from 9AM – 7PM and closed Friday mornings.

Marrakech Souk by Area

Spice Square (Rahba Kedima) – Thousands of different spices, argan oils, cosmetics and all sorts of mysterious potions
Mellah Market – Old Jewish quarter selling everyday food ingredients. A spice auction everyday at 4PM. Closed on Fridays.

Textiles & Fabrics
Kissaria – Cotton, clothing, kaftans and blankets
Criée Berbèr – Carpet

Metal Works
Souk el Attarine – copper and brass lanterns mirrors, candle holders, silver tea pots and lamps

Leather Goods
Souk des Teinturiers (Souk Sebbaghine) – Dyer’s souk
Souk el Kebir and Souk Cherratin – Leather bags, poufs, belts, wallets and purses.

Antiques & Crafts
Grande Bijouterie – For antique and jewellery lovers
Souk des Bijoutiers – Jewellery

Souk Smata – Babouches (Moroccan leather slippers)

Music Lovers
Souk Kimakhine – Traditional music instruments