Eat in Marrakech

Welcome to the land of spice

If you are staying at riad, make sure to try the dinner at your riad as it can be the most authentic Moroccan meal you can have on your trip.

Here are the other six foodie picks to get you going in the land of spice.

Vegetarian Options

Earth Café is the only full vegetarian restaurant on this list but Café des Épices, Le Jardin and Terrasse des Épices all have couple of vegetarian dishes on their menu. Jemma El Fna also has vegetarian stalls you can choose from and there is a vegetarian option available in the 5-course tasting menu at gastro mk too.


Deep-fried parcels of flaky pastry containing spiced meat, fish or cheese.

Chicken. A most popular chicken dish is djej mqualli, chicken tagine with preserved lemons and green olives.

Traditional soup of Berber. Thick, spicy, sometimes creamy soup, based on lamb and pulses.
It’s often offered as a starter, but is also eaten on its own as a light snack. During Ramadan it is served daily to break the fast, often with milk and dates.

Fish. You will often find this under its French names on menus – loup de mer (bass), rouget (red mullet), merlan (whiting), thon (tuna).

Meatballs flavoured with coriander and cumin.

Bread for mopping up harira or tagines. Fairly dry, with a grainy texture.
Leftover bread is made into breadcrumbs and combined with honey, flaky pastry and nuts to make sweets.

Whole lamb, spit or oven roasted.
M’choui is usually found only on special occasions or in the more traditional restaurants where it often needs to be ordered in advance.

Spicy beef or lamb sausages, often served with harissa, a fiery pepper sauce.

Spiced pigeon meat encased in layers of flaky warkha pastry, often dusted with sugar or cinnamon – a traditional delicacy.
There’s also chicken or fish versions.

A stew of meat (usually beef, lamb or chicken) or fish with vegetables, spices, fruits and nuts, slowly cooked on earthenware pot.
It is one of Morocco’s most visible dishes. Popular versions include beef with almonds and quinces, lamb with apricots, and chicken with lemons and olives.