Artsi Ifrach

A Master of One of Kind

Jerusalem born Artsi Ifrach is a fashion designer who is better known as ART/C in fashion world. Artsi has found his sanctuary in Morocco on his quest for independence and has been actively creating his one of a kind collections since. Artsi – meaning ‘My Country’ in Hebrew and Arabic – lived in Tel Aviv, Paris and Amsterdam before settling in Morocco and has a extensive understanding of multiculturalism. Using colours and prints as his landscape, Artsi’s imaginative designs reflect on space and time. From his childhood memories to the memoirs of nomad, Artsi’s world is beautifully portrayed in his creations and each piece is truly unique. To his eyes, we are paintings in a period of time.

If you are are in Marrakech, go to his boutique store in Souk Cherifia and get your hands on Artsi’s one of a kind pieces, you won’t find it anywhere else. And If you are in Morocco over the Marrakech Bienanale time, look out for his childhood House that he uses for his private showroom, boutique and gallery where you will be able to see art video installations and other cultural related events.


Read Artsi’s interview with Another Africa and get familiar with the world of ART/C. And read his open letter to the fashion industry on Not Just A Label site and get inspired by his honest and fresh views on current fashion industry.

All photographs courtesy of Artsi Ifrach, ART/C.


‘Looking For You’ Art Exhibition by Artsi Ifrach and photographer Lalia Hida at ETRE ICI in Tanger, September 2014

“Wake up in the morning open your eyes right after that, your heart. Breath and say thanks looking for you every day and every day finding you. Another piece of something that keeps going on close your eyes and rest again.”

All photographs courtesy of Artsi Ifrach, ART/C.

IN DNA, AW 2014/15

Photography by Lalia Hida

“IN D N A. The language I use to create, is my roots, my culture, my memory, my D N A. We are paintings in a period of time.”

All photographs courtesy of Artsi Ifrach, ART/C.


SS14 Show at International Fashion Festival South 36.32N in Cadiz

“I was born into a culture from a love of a tradition that i carry on.

 My mother and my father gave me life where the color and happiness were 
full of sweet memories.

 “The House” in the Jewish area called Mellah, is a glimpse into my private memory, the happiness that I experienced as a child in a different place. to preserve the memory and bring it alive. for the art of the emotion that captures an image.”

All photographs courtesy of Artsi Ifrach, ART/C.


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