Where to stay in Sardinia

If you want to experience Sardinia to closest to its roots, it is best to stay in the agriturismo usually found in the countryside in a farmhouse setting. Agriturismo is a combination of the words for “agriculture” and “tourism” in Italian and often translated to “farm stays” in English. It was defined in Italian law in 1985 to help struggling small-scale farmers so they can make additional income from using their farms as an accommodation for guests to stay as well as keeping the tradition of local food production line safe. Lots of abandoned buildings and estates were restored and many of them for agriturismo. Now there are many agriturismi (plural of agriturismo) not just all around Italy but all over the world and even luxurious ones with swimming pools and sky-high room rates.


At a typical  Italian agriturismo, you get to experience a rural life of the area including a chance to taste a local traditional cuisine at first-hand. Meals are prepared using only home-grown or locally produced ingredients with family’s secret recipes. You will get to see the activities around the farm like how cheese and sausages are made. You are surrounded by nature and everything is rustic, slow and so peaceful you start to notice the details that make up the life again. After all, this is the reason for staying at an agriturismo.


You can have a look at what’s on offer in Sardinia here or in Tuscany on the main land of Italy where the agriturismo industry has been developing firmly with its gastronomic reputation.


And fear not, if it’s the seaside you more desire to have your base in Sardinia, you don’t have to stay at the agriturismo to try this authentic local cuisine as almost all agriturismi work as a restaurant and serve dinners to everyone.


Nuraghe Tuttusoni in North Sardinia – 1800 metre from the sea

Agriturismo Testone in Nuoro – Most Authentic, Farm Activities

Agriturismo Su Recreu in North – Authentic, Farm Activities

Ristorante Santa Rughe in Nuoro – Pizza served the right way according to the tradition

Sa Domu de Tzia Ernesta – Modern B&B at Michelin starred restaurant S’Apposentu

Enjoy The Rural Life


And if you are more of an art and craft lover and have more to spend in your holiday budget, try Hotel Su Gologone near magical Cala Goloritzé in East or Hotel Luci di la Muntagna near famous Costa Smeralda in North Sardinia. And for big spenders, check in to the impressive Faro Capo-Spartivento, the one and only lighthouse that has been converted into a “guesthouse” in Italy.

Sardinian Craft Everywhere


Get a home away from home and Enjoy the island to the max

As we only had one week on the island, we decided to go with AirBnB option and stay near the sea this time around. Mattia’s house in South Sardinia ticked all the boxes for us, a good price, near the beach and a garden with a BBQ kit and we came back with wonderful Sardinian memories of our own.


Here are our AirBnB Picks from every corner of Sardinia to get you in the mood.