Su Furriadroxu

Meat heaven

Sa Furriadroxu is famous for one of the most authentic and traditional Sardinian dish porcheddu, the spit-roasted suckling pig. When you walk through to the pastel coloured wooden door, you are welcomed by the smell of the smoky wooden fire that is slowly spit roasting the pigs. The dinner is served at the courtyard with the orange and lemon trees or inside the restaurant with traditional Sardinian deco. Sardinian meals usually start from tasting boards of cured meat and cheese and here they are themed as Sardinian’s traditional means of living – a board for cassadori (hunter), pastori (shepherd) and messaju (farmer). We’ve started our meal with salad with ice berg, carrots, artichokes and shaved bottarga, grilled potatoes with garlic and parsley, boar stew in red wine sauce and the star of the show, sucking pig. It was socked with the smoky wooden aroma, crispy outside and moist and succulent inside, cooked to perfection. Everything goes well with Sa Furriadroxu’s house red or white. Finish the meal with their divine dessert called sebada – fried large ravioli stuffed with cheese and topped with local honey. Our bill came at €44.50 (equivalent of £32 in Jun 2015).


We highly recommend Sa Furriadroxu to anyone who loves eating meat and sucking pig is the one dish not to be missed here. Book way in advance, as it is very popular in the summer season.


Su Furriadroxu
Via XXIV Maggio 11, 09010 Pula


To book, call +39 070 9246148
(after 5:30pm)


8pm – 10:15pm
Open every evening except for Wednesdays.
Check Su Furriadroxu’s Facebook page for up-to-date information.