The Seafood Paradise

Damiano’s family run seafood restaurant is better known as its shorter name “Lapola”. We had a truly amazing Sardinian seafood experience here and everyone at the restaurant was so welcoming. You have to book in advance to avoid any disappointments; we tried on two separate days and barely got lucky on the second time. They were fully booked again but squeezed an extra table for us outside the restaurant. We both love seafood and we’ve been drooling over this place ever since we’ve read about it so we were over the moon. The menu is daily variable depending on the fresh catches of the day sourced by fishermen and trusted supplies. The widely praised Lapola’s seafood set menu includes a large glass of prosecco (welcome drink), six good portion of starters, a main dish with lobster option, a litre of very good house wine, sorbet dessert and coffee at generous €30~€35 per head.


Book in advance and come hungry if you are going for the set menu as the portions here are very generous.


We both went for the set menu and started our wait with a delightfully large glass of prosecco. Our lovely waitress Marta showed us the fresh catch of the day when we were ordering our food and we knew we came to the right place. The parade of seafood starters followed shortly after – thinly sliced octopus carpaccio with parsley, prawn salad with rocket, chicory and tomato, very lightly deep-fried baby octopus and fish with home-made dipping sauce, lightly grilled tuna with purple cabbage, fresh tomato with balsamic vinegar sauce, home-made pasta with clams and fregola with Sardinian delicacy bottariga shaved all over on top. And I cannot forget their tasty olive oil that was drizzled over everywhere – so light and fresh yet full flavoured all at the same time. We opted for their famous lobster and calamari as our mains to share. Lapola’s lobster is a must try but make sure you have enough space in your tummy to be able to finish all the courses as by this time we were both struggling between the endless tasty starters and a litre of yummy wine each. The set menu ended with a coffee, delicious local liqueur Mirto (made with berries of the myrtle plant), sorbet and a shot of grappa of course. All and all this was the best seafood experience in south Sardinia for us and we recommend Lapola to any seafood lovers.


Lapola, Vico Barcellona, 10, 09124 Cagliari, Italy
To book, call +39 070 650604
Lapola is open for dinner everyday and serves lunch only on Saturdays and Sundays.