Dive the Sunken City

Nora beach (Spiaggia di Nora) is right by the ancient city of Nora, the most important archaeological site of Sardinia. This pleasant sandy beach is sheltered from strong onshore winds and has shallow water that makes a perfect spot for families or a quick dip after visiting the archaeological site of Nora. This is also island’s top diving/snorkelling destination where you get a chance to dive the sunken ruins of the Romans. And don’t forget to look out for the pink flamingos stalking around in the Laguna di Nora just behind the beach.

How to get there

The Road to ancient city Nora

Get on the SS 195 in the direction of Pula and follow the signs to Spiaggia di Nora (Nora Beach) from there. There is a car park near the entrance of the archaeological site of Nora.

Nora,The Ancient City

Nora’s ruins located in Capo di Pula are thought to be the first city of Sardinia. It was occupied firstly by the ancient inhabitants of Sardinia then by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans until the city was abandoned in the Middle Ages. Nora’s excellent geographical position on the peninsula allowed safe landing whatever wind was blowing and it was favoured by the Phoenicians who travelled by sea. Nora became an important trading port between the major ports of the Mediterranean Sea. The evidence of the Nuraghe is also found among the many ruins here, the round stone structure that was typical edifice of the indigenous Sardinian. Present day the most visible remains are the ruins of the Romans; small but well-preserved amphitheatre, substantial remains of Roman bath structure, beautiful mosaic floor works and a dim trace of the Carthaginian era; a lonely column that once stood for The Temple of Tanit, the Carthaginian Venus who was worshipped by both Carthaginians and Phoenicians.


Because the southern part of Sardinia is sinking into the Mediterranean Sea, a considerable part of the old city is now under the sea and It is possible to dive through the Roman remains of this submerged city, though most of its underwater findings are exhibited in the archaeological museum, it will still give you an unforgettable experience. The site is protected and a licence is required to dive it, you can book your diving trip with Pula Diving Centre or get a snorkelling permit from them.

The Most Important Archaeological Site of Sardinia


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