Treasure of South Sardinia

Costa del Sud is most famous for its beloved Chia Bay (Baia Chia). Many beautiful beaches make up the enchanting Chia Bay, from Su Portu and Spiaggia di Chia by the ancient stone watchtower Torre di Chia to Campana and Su Giudeu that has massive sand dune backdrops covered with pine and juniper trees, the possibility is endless here and all within a short reach of each other.

How to get there

Explore the Chia Bay

From Cagliari, get on the road SS195 all the way to Pula and from here you can follow the signs to the beaches. For Chia Bay, follow SS 195 to town of Santa Margherita di Pula, at the round about take SP71/Viale Chia and follow the signpost to your pick of the beach in Chia Bay. Most of the beaches have large paid parking areas near the beach in Costa del Sud.


Mini Su Cardolinu Island is linked to the mainland by a unspoiled small spot of sandy beach. One for the secluded beach lovers.


Park your car here by the Hotel Parco Torre Chia and walk along the path through pine and juniper trees till you get to the small sandy strip.


Secluded, no facilities

Tiny beach on mini island, Isola Su Cardulinu


Left side of ancient tower Torre di Chia and shaped like a half moon, Su Portu is a small sandy beach about 250 metres long. You can access Torre di Chia on foot from the beach for panoramic views.


Park here and follow the short walk towards the beach.

By the Ancient Tower


Chia Beach (Spiaggia di Chia) is located in the right side of the ancient tower Torre di Chia and about 750 metres long.  It is connected to Sa Colonia beach by a lagoon filled with pink flamingos. You can also access Torre di Chia on foot from the beach for panoramic views. As well as having a long line of fine sandy beach and crystal clear emerald water, this place also comes with an ancient watch tower and pink flamingos views, it is easy to understand why this is one of the most popular beach in Sardinia. Chia and Sa Colonia beach can get very busy in July and August so get here early to secure a good spot.


Park here and the beach is right in front of you.

The Most Famous of All


“Dead Beach” is about 300 meters long tiny sandy cove with no facilities. Sheltered by rocks and rich vegetation, it is one of the only coves protected from the northern mistral winds.


Park here and walk on the path that runs along the beach of Porto Campana till you get to Spiaggia Del Morto.


Secluded, no facilities, protected from winds

Sheltered Mini Paradise

Porto Campana & Campana Dune

Porto Campana beach is sheltered by a small rocky headland and backed by pretty sand dunes that can reach up to 20 meters high. Behind the beach there is a pond called Stangioni de Su Sali filled with pink flamingos digging their long necks in the water looking for lunch. And the massive sand dunes are covered with ancient juniper trees everywhere.

Massive Sand Dunes

Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu is a sandy beach is about 600 metres long, named after the octopus swims in water near by couple of small rock-cliffs island also know as Su Giudeu, the beach has massive 20 metre high sand dune backdrops covered with pine and juniper trees. There are pink flamingos happily chilling about in the large pond at the back. From the beach, you see the ancient stone watchtower Torre di Chia in distance to your left and a mini island Su Giudeu not far from the shore to your front. The water is so fresh and crystal clear. No wonder why this is one of the best spot for scuba diving in Sardinia so pack your snorkelling gears or get serious and go underwater with the experts at Chia Laguna Resort.


Park here and the beach is right in front of you.

The Most Underrated

Cala Chipolla

Cala Cipolla is a tiny sandy beach about 150 meters long.  There are no facilities here so bring your picnic, drinks, plenty of water, sun creams and a parasol for shade. And don’t forget to pack your snorkelling gears. You can check out the impressive Faro Capo-Spartivento if you want a break from the water activities, the first and only lighthouse in Italy that has been converted into a guesthouse is just 700 meters away on foot. More info on the Lighthouse renovation project can be found on here.


Park here and make a short walk down to the beach.


Secluded, no facilities

Tiny beach near the Light House