Le Jardin

A Green Oasis in the Heart of Medina

The Story
A recent venture of Moroccan restaurateur Kamal laftimi, Le Jardin is a green oasis in the heart of medina. This lively riad café has plenty of banana trees, plants and water features that make a perfect stop from all the hard haggling from the souk.

Le Jardin has a large courtyard and 2 large terraces upstairs where they show art-house movies projected on the wall in cooler seasons.

Try the slow cooked traditional tagine dishes with local pale larger Flag Spéciale or their Avocado Shakes and Museli with Hand-made Yogurt for breakfast before your trip to the souk.

Check out Algerian born fashion designer Nyora Nemiche’s Pop Up Shop in the restaurant and get your hands on her traditional Kaftans with a modern twist.

Le Jardin, 32 Souk El Jeld, Sidi Abdelaziz (near Souk Cherifia)

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