The Story
One of the must stop in Marrakech, Jemaa el Fna is a food heaven for those with adventurous appetites.

In the day time, the square is mostly open and occupied by orange juice stalls, snake charmers and henna tattoo women. These Jemaa el Fna entertainers can spot fresh tourist from miles away and they can be very persistent. ‘La Shukran’ meaning ‘No Thank you’ in Arabic can be a very useful phrase in Marrakech. Not carrying your travel guide in your hands can help to blend in a little more. Try the fresh orange and grapefruit juices at refreshment stalls.

At night, the square really comes to life with its storytellers, musicians, entertainers and all the food stalls yelling and selling the most authentic Moroccan dishes you can find. From local classics like stewed snails and sheep’s head to more ordinary grilled fish and couscous dishes, Djemaa El Fna is the original street food heaven and a must stop in Marrakech. You can have a look at stalls and let your eyes and nose do the work or find a stall with lots of locals.

Be careful with your belongings in the square, lots of pickpockets are operating here so be clever with keeping your money.

Jemma El Fna

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